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Expand your home video library from a huge online selection of movies at. Joffa smith 1 february 1967 26 june 2010 was a british games programmer, best known for his titles for the zx spectrum. Sylvester stallone announces latest rambo film title. Shooting the party at kitty and studs took two days. Found an answer for the clue stallone title role that we dont. He wrote every episode o the twa eponymous franchises, an directit some o thair. Or my mom will shoot, its the best sylvester stallone movies and the worst in one place. He was honored by the video dealers software association when he was. Rick daly 1975 police story elmore rocky caddo 1975 farewell, my lovely jonnie 1975 death race 2000 machine gun joe viterbo 1975 capone frank nitti 1975. Sylvester stallone is an american actor, director, producer, and screenwriter.

Master of the world germany uberroboter kampfmaschine i. Movie title maker makes it easy to add title with visual effects and sound to your quicktime movies or. We ranked every movie starring sylvester stallone from best to worst. Sylvester stallone reprises his role as vietnam war veteran john rambo. Stallone film is a crossword puzzle clue that we have spotted 4 times. Movie titles, bmovie titles, movie title maker, and many more programs. He suffered from body shock in rocky iii, broke some ribs while filming rambo and escape to victory, and broke his neck on the sets of.

Zoey deutch and lucy frys live chat with vh1 october 10, 20. Sylvester stallone list of movies and tv shows tv guide. The two vampish leads from vampire academy chat to empires david michael brown about the making of the film, sucking blood and crea. Sylvester stallone frontal nude in italian stallion 1970 40 sec riojano 2012 591. But from sylvester stallone to kevin costner, hes not the only actordirector. Cult film 43 1970s 40 blockbuster 40 death 40 husband wife relationship 34 national film registry 34 based on novel 33 blood 32 psychotronic film 30 violence 30 cigarette smoking 29 male female relationship 29 friendship 28 bar 27 fight 27 marriage 26 surprise ending 26 title spoken by character 26 bare chested male 25 one word title 24.

Rocky is a boxing saga of popular films all written by and starring sylvester stallone, who plays the character rocky balboa. Sylvester gardenzio stallone new york, 6 juli 1946, bijgenaamd sly, is een. On the other hand, rambo 5 has the potential to find a uniquely stalloneish way to address the timely subject of mexican cartel violence while also allowing john rambo to fulfill what stallone views as the characters. Stallone had his first starring role in the soft core pornography feature film the party at kitty and studs 1970. Two of the notable characters he has portrayed include boxer rocky balboa and soldier john rambo. The second film may have all the cameos and bigger action while the third has some solid third act action beats from director patrick hughes, but the first film, written and directed by stallone. Twa notable chairacters he haes portrayed are the boxer rocky balboa an sauldier john rambo.

The rocky and rambo franchises, along with several other films. Title country artificial intelligence names computer or program robot ref 1927 metropolis. Sylvester stallone filmography including movies from released projects, in theatres, in production and upcoming films. Also, included in this list are some of stallones special cameo appearances and exclusive extra. Little america tba, idols eye tba, tough as they come tba, scarpa tba. Also released under the even more unfortunate title dtox, this failed thriller. Its exciting to see cop land 1997 getting some love recently. Tristana 1970, luis brunel catherine deneuve, fernando rey, franco nero 104. Most people looking for movie title creating software downloaded. Sylvester sly stallone on august 6 2014 american actor, filmmaker, singer, character actor, voice actor, director, movie producer, film producer, and screen writer, sylvester sly stallone has appeared in over seventytwo films. The only reasons stallone would have to return to this character other than money and sentimentality is to provide a more final, conclusive end. He was a nobody at the time, and he was starving and really needed the money.

The muppet show sylvester stallone special guest star 1979 paradise alley cosmo carboni 1978 f. Although weve seen him take a few punches onscreen, sylvester stallone can feel the pain too. Sylvester stallone announces rambo 5 title variety. Zijn eerste film was een softpornofilm genaamd the party at kitty and studs, in 1970. He is the younger brother of sylvester stallone and wrote music for his movies. The inspiration for the film came when actorwriter sylvester stallone saw a televised bout between then champion muhammad ali and total underdog chuck wepner in. American actor, filmmaker, author, director, producer, writer, and screenwriter, sylvester stallone has appeared in over seventyone films. Download movie title creating software for free windows. Sylvester stallone 1946 biography on film reference. Stallone is well kent for his hollywood action roles. In his latest film, the mule, 88yearold clint eastwood directs himself having threesomes with women in their 20s. Sylvester stallone full list of movies and tv shows in theaters, in production and. Rocky 1976, rocky ii 1979, rocky iii 1982, rocky iv 1985, rocky v 1990 and rocky balboa 2006. The 5 best sylvester stallone movies that arent rocky.

His games were notable for containing a large number of sprites and parallax scrolling, features which were largely unknown on the spectrum at the time citation needed his most notable games include cobra, which was a license extremely loosely based on. Solaris 1972, andrei tarkovsky natalya bondarchuk, donatas banionis, juri jarvet 102. Stallone later explained that he had done the film out of desperation after being evicted from his apartment and finding himself homeless for several days. This athletically built, darkhaired american actorscreenwriterdirector may never be mentioned by oldschool film critics in the same breath as, say, richard burton or alec guinness. His most iconic roles to date are that of rocky balboa and vietnam war veteran, john rambo. This is a list of his acting roles as well as directing, screenwriting, producing credits. Norman jewison was thought to have shot 410,000 feet of film with about 300,000 being printed for editing. Imdb lists this as slys first movie 1970, which really isnt accurate.

Sylvester stallone has admitted he fostered a violent hatred for rival action hero arnold schwarzenegger during the pairs 1980s heyday stallone. Stallone title role crossword clue answer crossword heaven. Our movie expert lists and ranks every all 65 sylvester stallone movie. Sylvester stallone was born on july 6, 1946, in new yorks gritty hells. Sylvester stallone in the party at kitty and studs 1970. Sylvester stallone recent and upcoming movie credits. Amarcord 1973, federico fellini pupella maggio, armando brancia, magali noel 105. A caring truck driver, wants only to gain custody of his beloved son. Psychotronic film 32 based on novel 31 violence 29 surprise ending 27 pistol 25 blood splatter 23 corpse 23 husband wife relationship 23 horror movie remake 22 revenge 21 bare chested male 20 flashback 18 falling from height 17 father daughter relationship 17 knife 17 title spoken by character 17 car accident 16. The final rambo movie has a new title, according to. Kitchen who go into professional wrestling, he also sang the title song.

In the wake of rocky s success, a party at kitty and studs, a softcore porn film in which stallone appeared in 1970, was released on videocassette under the title. Sylvester stallone is ready to put the headband back on. Sylvester stallone was given the name sylvester enzio stallone at birth sylvester stallone starred and played the following characters in the movies listed below in alphabetical order. Rambo the 2008 film brought the title characters ongoing journey to what, for many moviegoers, seemed to be an appropriate final resting spot. The trailer to stallone s soft porn movie was released in 1970. Sylvester stallone filmography simple english wikipedia. Hong kong martial arts film the wandering swordsman. From bagging small roles to writing screenplays, stallone, considered the virile man of hollywood, carved a place for himself in the world of showbiz. Jewison also remembered the wonderful setting in dubuque because they gave the film reality and believability. Sylvester stallone was born on july 6, 1946 in new york, new york, usa.

Me is so fundamentally misbegotten that its title reads more like a threat. Initially, he struggled in small parts in films such as the softcore italian stallion 1970, the thriller. Michael sylvester gardenzio stallone born july 6, 1946, commonly known as sylvester stallone, and nicknamed sly stallone, is an american actor, filmmaker, screenwriter, film director and occasional painter. Sylvester enzio stallone has established worldwide recognition as an actor, writer and director since he played the title role in his own screenplay of rocky, which won the academy award in 1976 for best picture since that seminal motion picture, rocky grew to a franchise of five sequels and in 2006 stallone concluded the series with rocky balboa, a. While filming rocky iv, he had to be rushed to intensive care after dolph lundgren punched him in the chest real hard. In some countries, this film goes by the alternative title the italian stallion.

Sage stallone tribute ever since the world began sylvester stallone silviachannel by silviachannel. Sylvester stallone born july 6, 1946, american actor. In some countries, this film goes by the alternative title the italian stallion a name stallone takes up again in rocky. However, stallone was also keen to be recognized as a screenwriter, not just an actor, and, inspired by the 1975 muhammad alichuck wepner fight in cleveland, stallone wrote a film script about a nobody fighter given the million to one opportunity to challenge for the heavyweight title. Sylvester stallone filmography, movie list, tv shows and. The spirit of the beehive 1973, victor erice fernando fernan gomez, teresa gimpera 103. See more ideas about sylvester stallone, rocky balboa and the expendables. His song far from over, which appeared in the 1983 film staying alive and was also featured in the films soundtrack, peaked at number ten on the billboard hot 100, for which he. The final rambo movie has a new title, according to sylvester stallone dec.

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